Happy Easter

Today was a really good day Mom cooked a big meal and most all the family was there off and on through the day Dad had a good day also he now has an electric wheel chair and we built him a ramp to he can go by himself from upstairs down to where we eat and have all the entertainment he can’t use the steps anymore so he is happy with getting there himself he stayed with us almost all day we ate and just had a really good Easter we watched a couple movies then finally around 4:00 he had enough and motered himself back up to the main house to take a nap the girls and I stuck around and cleaned up and put all the leftovers away I think Mom was also ready for a nap. The weather even agreed it was around 50 degrees all day but now the rain has set in so I have a nice toasty fire going on and am going to relax with a book for a while I am on spring break all next week.
I found a part time job or maybe it might be it found me it is at an inspection/alignment garage right up the road they called me one day they had a School bus in with no brake lights and since I repaired School buses for 23 years they thought I might help them out and fix the problem I did but it developed into more work, so I ended up working 3 hours everyday after School last week they don’t pay much only $11.00 per hour but it helps and once they realized I am off all week I am thinking I will be working a full week I am glad it feels good to be working and making money again even part time it is something I needed. I hope everybody had a great Easter
Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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  1. How nice that most of your family could be with you! Especially your dad and his new wheelchair.

    Bet a penny your Mom was grateful for the cleanup job you guys did. Putting a dinner together for a crowd (and the housecleaning that goes before a big event) is a big job in itself. And to have someone clean up after a big meal that is a treat, lemme tellya!

    Finding that job is what you call serendipity. Finding something when you’re not even looking, or finding something better than what you’re looking for.

    We’re in for a big blow here this evening, and I would love to have a crackling fire in a fireplace. All I have is wall heaters. But at least I can keep warm, even if it isn’t romantic or homey.


  2. I love that how things just fall in our laps lol. Well you know what I mean, lol. I am glad you get a little work, I know exactly how you feel about that. Maybe it will work into something even better than a week. I am glad you had a good Easter. Have an even better week.

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