Saturday and Sunday

Finally nice weather is here I needed it so bad it is funny how a little bit of sunshine makes you feel soooo much better. School is Ok 2 more weeks of electronics then it is on to Motor control but the 1000s of formulas that are needed in electronics to find different voltages and current in solid state circuits are overwhelming but I am getting it maybe not with a 4.0 but still I am doing Ok. I started my first official wiring job today. my neighbor built a work shed beside her house, I chose to run a 60 Amp service from her house she is obsessed with receptacles it is a 16 by 24 foot building and she wants 16 receptacles an 8 foot baseboard heater and maybe a second one 2, 4 foot florescent lights and 1 ceiling fan. The nice thing is she will be happy with the job because she was there to tell me exactly what and where she wanted stuff put she loved the ceiling fan I got for her I got the breaker box up and all the lights wired and all the outlet boxes installed and started to run the wires for them the good thing is she is not going to start to build the walk way for 2 maybe 3 weeks and since I am going to run the feeder cable under the walkway in conduit I have at least 2 more weeks to finish it which is good cause I can keep my job at the garage and still work on the wiring a little bit at a time. It seemed strange after 23 years of being a bus mechanic now I am becoming(or as my teacher says I am ) an electrician, quite a shock to the system however I love it and am now glad things happened the way they did I am going to enjoy my new career.

It is now Sunday LOL

Today was really nice I went to the Shriners for Spaghetti dinner it was great all you can eat Mom and Dad went, myself, Cris, and Kelly and the grandkids, both my neice and nephew and their partners it was great we took up 2 tables and really had a good time and I got to see my Aunt Jerry she was there all around a great day and right now it is almost 80 degrees I was going to take the bike out but I ended up spending time on yard work I did charge the battery so she is at least ready to go I love summer time
Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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