Life is good

This week went by rather fast I have only 1 week left in electronics then 2 days off then right into motor control time just seems to be flying by especially now that I am working in the evenings I usually get home by 7:00 and try to get to bed by 10:00 3 hours seems like a lot of time but I sure can’t get everything fit into it.

Last night was beautiful for races although it did cool off after the sun went in, I was in the food line and the guy who does French Fries always talks to me he is an older guy but really friendly anyhow he asked me what I did for a living I told him I am a laid off mechanic going to school for electrical technology then he really made me think he said don’t you think it is a little late in life for that. I try not to think too much about that I gave no thought to the fact that I was 51 years old when I enrolled in school but what am I suppose to do I don’t want to settle for just any job there are enough around that I could have gotten one and just made due but I don’t want to just make due I want what I want and I have always love working with electric and this seemed like the perfect chance to do what I like doing. I made a lot of mistakes in my life I never looked ahead the job I had for 23 years, I enjoyed doing but there was no retirement that was my mistake there are a lot of people my age who are retired and collecting a nice pension if I had looked ahead in my younger years and at 18 years old got a nice comfy job at a mill or something like that with a retirement plan I also would have over 30 years and probably be retired right now, but I didn’t and it is what it is. So here I am in school learning a new trade and the funny thing is I am getting a lot of satisfaction from it. I am a good mechanic but I just want more so what if I don’t have that many years of good working left I am going to be doing what I always have wanted to do. It sounds like I am just making excuses for the situation I am in at this stage of my life, maybe I am but the bottom line is I am enjoying life and that is all that really matters.

Mom is coming over here in a bit we are going out to lunch and pick up more supplies I need to finish off my wiring job then I need to get to work on my granddaughter’s science project we are building a small electromagnet I should be able to get that finished tonight and then tomorrow 76 degrees and sunny me and my Harley are going to get reacquainted.
Enjoy Life,
Tim 😉

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