Long Harsh Trip

I have not updated since last July bad me, So much has happened, school just continued through the summer the last 2 semesters were quite difficult AC/DC Theory, and PLC was hard but I managed and did really well. I was to graduate on December 12th, Novenber 15th Dad passed away that made my last month at school even harder but I made it and graduated on the 12th. that is when the fun started I applied and applied but could not find a job for over $8.00 per hour I still worked part time at the garage but I was quickly burning through the last of my savings, I can’t decribe how down and out I was feeling it was almost 3 months and I just could not find a job so depressing I had interviews but no call backs, I was down to $300.00 in my savings so i sold some of my stock holdings, $1800.00 I figured that would last me a couple months but still I was worried. then things all of a sudden changed, Sunday I got a call from B&P Railroad for a pre employment test On Tuesday for a job I applied for Locomotive Mechanic/Electrician. I was not real excited as things just have not been going my way, then Monday I got a call for an interview from a Private contractor for an electrician for Tuesday Evening. I was in the middle of my test for the railroad when I phone rang, after I completed the test, (very difficult) Here it was a call back from another company in Slippery Rock that I had an interview with 3 weeks ago it was the girl from HR department making her follow up call, she said they will let me know by the weekend one way or another, LOL I have heard that before, and was not going to hold my breath. I took Mom out for lunch that day then as soon as I came home I got a call offering me the job. I took it for Maintenance Tech for a large manufacturing company it is what I want although entry level pay is $15.00 per hour I can make that work, so I yet have to get my criminal history report back and physical and drug and Alcohol test so I should be working within 2 weeks what a relieve, live can really test you sometimes..


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