I am still waiting on my criminal background check for my job, but today I was called for an interview with the railroad I passed my pre employment test so today at 1:30 I have the interview now even though I accepted that other job I still want to follow through with this job it may be a better offer and it certainly is closer to home. I feel much better with job opoptunities it is not the easiest thing to find a good job at my age but it does seem to be working out for the best..

The weather is finally breaking and it is going into the 60s all the rest of the week, I did run out of wood I decided to heat with only wood this winter as I had gotten a new wood burner, so today I went and bought a small rack and got it all stacked and ready so this should last me until it warms up I sure saved a fortune with the price of natural gas, and I got a new water heater a couple months ago so my last gas bill was for $32.00 that was great with my financial situation…

Tim 😉