Another Week Over

it is 1:30 AM I got home from work at 12:15 AM I am not the least bit tired on Thursday I got my DSL turned on I have had dial up for the past 10 years and it is frustrating me it was so slow so I decided to try the DSL that Kelly uses I love it although I had to call Tech support last night because it was suppose to be working but I could not access internet so I called them at 2:30 AM 24/7 tech support they said, so here the tech told me to unplug my modem for 30 seconds and plug it back in and just like magic there is was I am really liking it..

About a month ago I went and got a hair cut I am bald on top I have been for quite a while and the rest of my hair is quite thin after I got home Mom saw it and said how nice it was she said it looks just like her friends Alvin, Well Alvin is 77 years old, no offense to Alvin, but I went home and shaved my head, i have just decided to keep it shaved if I can’t have a nice head of hair I would rather have none at all it is a lot cooler at work I have to admit even though I have to wear the stupid hard hat..

i worked alone at the shop tonight one guy was on vacation, another called off and the other 2 had to go to Kittanning to make on the road repairs to a loco that hit a downed tree after the last batch of storms so it was a nice quite night I just tuned in my XM and got a lot odf stuff done the night went really fast and there is no OT this weekend , long story but once the union settles the contract it should start back up..

Tim 😉