Good Weekend

Saturday I took Mom up to Home Depo to pick up some pipe to extend the rain gutters away from the mobile home and I needed some conduit for the wire out to the garage we ate at Red Lobster I really like seafood, Anyhow after I got home while my wireless network was giving me fits I heard a bike pulling into my drivway it was an old ratty Sportster that looked familar Here it is a bike I sold 18 years ago they guy who bought it from me went and spent a fortune on Harley T shirts and leather vests and boots, rode it twice and packed it away in his shed and I guess he would go out and start it once in a while and sit and rev it up till finally it would not start once he started messing with it and trying to fix it that was the end of its life it never ran again now here he sold it to a friend of mine Brant, who put new tires on it a new battery and a tune up and he is riding, it still looks ratty but he is riding the wheels off it I was proud to see that.. Old Harleys never die they just need a good owner..

We had a house warming party for Kelly Sunday she loves her new house and really has it looking good I am still worried about her keeping up with the payments but she said she is doing Ok with them.

Time to start getting ready to start my work week