Is $32.95 OK ??

I had to go to the store for some lunch supplies I got all I needed and checked out when I swiped my card I hit ok and the screen came up saying is $32.95 OK Well I had $40.00 left in my food budget so it was OK, but at that moment I thought what if I say no can I negotiate a better price ?? after all $24.95 would be much better, I had the time to work with them but first the poor girl at the check out had a name tag that said trainee,and did not look to be in the mood, second and more importantly I glanced to my left and there was a rather large lady with a full cart and 3 very bored and rowdy children, she looked as though if I had said no and tried my luck at a renegotiation, I would have gotten my ass kicked right there and then LOL I hit OK……. But one of these days I will try for a better price I mean since they do ask…

My truck needed inspected by the end of the month I usually can go to the garage I used to work at and go over it and inspect it myself but this time I needed right ball joints so I scheduled and appointment for the ball joints replaced and while the front end was apart I had new ujoints installed in the front axle and front brakes and an alignment total damage……. $505.95… No renegotiations, It was in the shop for 2 days but I had my bike to ride and except for freezing my buns off last night coming home it was all good I bought that truck in 1996 brand new out of the showroom and have put on 104,000 and aside from brakes and new warn lock out hubs and regular oil changes it has not cost me anything it is a good truck Hum I had that truck longer than I was married with a lot less trouble LOL… On that note I will say good bye