Football Season

Finally Football season is here it seemed like it was forever but it is here we had our first game today it was great. After a really hot week it has rained the last couple days and cooled off Friday night it was so warm I rode home without my jacket I love riding on nights like that I am sure they are going to be getting fewer these days. I ordered my first load of firewood it is going to be delivered Wednesday I am thinking I will be needing 3 full cords to get through winter hate to start thinking of that but before you know it winter will be here and I will be glad I went ahead and got it done.Work has been going Ok they I think will be starting overtime they worked this weekend but I did not get to work so I should be on for next weekend I can use the money for my wood it will help to get the OT but I am still fine without it.
I decided to get started on my old bike this winter I have not done anything with it since I bought my Heritage I uncovered it yesterday and I have to do something with it before it gets in too bad of shape so hopefully I will also have enough wood to keep the garage warm we will see….