You would think as much as i dislike winter I would find a warmer place to live, I don’t like this time of year after the holidays and this is when winter really sets in and to make matters worse my girlfriend came to spend 3 weeks with me over the holidays from Mexico, she had to go home on January 9th so now it is even more lonely and cold but, as I have learned time passes and i will just try to look forward to spring time.

My new dentures are doing much better although i still am going back about every 3 weeks to get soft liners until my gum’s finish healing and i quit losing weight then I can get my permanent dentures and hopefully they will be a better fit than my temps I now have.

Work is still going OK although freight has dropped off and they cut out all the overtime things are still moving by rail and usually it will slow down but not completely stop O think I have enough machinists under me in seniority so my job should be OK but in this economy who knows..

Enjoy Life