I think winter is finally coming to an end Saturday it was actually 70 degrees reminded me of being in Mexico a couple weeks ago I have had my fill of cold weather it must be cause i am getting older but the cold weather this year has really got me down, but better days are ahead. I got my new truck, well not actually new it is a 2003 but low miles and runs great am happy with it.

Today is my Saturday so nice the weekend is finally here i need to visit the dentist office and then get a new key made for my truck I have to have it done at the Ford dealership because it needs a chip programmed into it, then Mom wants to buy me a remote start system for it but maybe next week i will get that installed so i will have that for next winter it will be so nice to start my truck from inside to warm it up for work in the morning, speaking of work, I am still working although freight has really slowed down no unusual with the economy the way it is I am just hoping it stays good enough to keep my employed but time will tell.

It is 7:20 and still dark outside hard to get used to but I really enjoy that longer daylight in the evening mornings don’t matter that much to me as I am at work anyhow but after work it will be better that is if it ever quits raining, I need to take the Harley out bad I charged the battery and cleaned all the winter crap off and polished it all up now I just beed a beautiful spring day to go for a ride..

Enjoy Life


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