Weekly update

All is going well with me work is busy but no so that we can work overtime but that is Ok my budget is set up for a 40 hour paycheck so it is all good only one more day till my weekend, I might work Tuesday at work we had one year accident free so the company is sending us on a weekend in Erie we can chose 3 packages 1) indoor water park, 2) skiing package 3) casino package, I of course chose the casino package they are giving up $100.00 credit to gamble with, then the really nice awards dinner and then an overnight stay it is all a good package for the family I will just be going myself as usual but still it should be a good time especially if I win a little. it is the weekend of the 30th and since I am scheduled to work weekends I need to work 2 of my off days to make them up so maybe, However the weather people are calling for a beautiful day Tuesday so i will just wait and see……


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