Big Step

I got my remote start installed today they said 3 hours but they had it from 10:00 this morning till 5:00 but no big deal Mom and I went and did some shopping then i brought her home and was just lazy and did a little yard work till it began raining by then they had it done, it is really cool I love it and i can see how great it will be during the winter…

now for the big step, while I was in Mexico i brought home 4 cartons of cigarettes they were super cheap even after paying Texas tax on it so now I see the price has sky rocketted for them sooo I took the decision to try to quit beginning tomorrow I have many doubts about quitting how do you give up a 40 year old habit plus the nicotine addiction, at least i lost a lot of weight since getting my dentures i hear you gain weight during the process i don’t know if I can but i do know it is my time I am going to try the patch first to see how that works, I no longer want to be a slave to which will now be a $10.00 per day habit. i have not told anybody as if i fail i don’t want anybody to know I failed, I decided to keep record of my attempt and progress here, this way I can read back and maybe it will help to read my feelings, I have high hopes I am sure it will be for the better i know nothing good can come from smoking cigarettes only good can come from quitting. I know many people who attempted and failed I will keep this to myself untill I know if I can get a better grip on quitting than the grip smoking has on me