Day 14

Ok so I had a weak moment and gave in well not a weak moment but an entire weak night, Saturday was the event at the casino in Erie that the company paid for and as i am not a big gambler I stopped at the bar with a co worker for a drink and there was an ashtray and people sitting at the bar smoking,(PA does not allow smoking in most public buildings except for casinos) too strong of a trigger i gave in, I so enjoyed it but am still paying for it had a headache all day yesterday i blame it on the overdose of vodka that still might have been some of it but it was the smoking i was sick all day yesterday I did not even stay there for breakfast i just wanted my couch so i came home to suffer, never again I am not liking the smell like I used to so I have not had one since and I think that was a losson to stay away from them my cravings are almost gone well still there but just not as strong I am controlling them better now….

I looked outside this morning and actually saw snow that is soo wrong but now it is almost gone i need spring my Harley is crying to get out and soon..

took Mom for lunch at Chili’s but brought most of it home I will take it for work tomorrow this will save me from going for grocerys today so i can just keep feeding logs into the fire

Enjoy life


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