Better Day

Today was a pretty good day work is slow so we just took our time on the locomotive we had in the shop and almost got it finished they claim that things will pick up before anybody will get laid off but who knows it is just day by day but i am not worried there are 5 Machinists under me in seniority so it will be Ok.

My cravings are getting milder however they are still there and i realize it has only been 16 days and I have a long way to go. my friend at work who quit Monday only made it to today I did not say a word to him as I know how difficult it is I have never been more determined to do something as I am to quit smoking, It helps to vent here I don’t like constantly talking about it to my friends at work so so here is where i will put my thoughts and rants about this evil habit that has such a strong hold on me..

Today was a really nice day at least after it quit raining so after work I got a lot of yard work done and got my porch all cleaned off it looks a lot better I am finally glad to see 60 degrees. Tomorrow I am going to my Niece’s Mother in Laws funeral she passed away Tuesday from Cancer so it was not a big shock she has been hanging on for a long time i guess from what I have been told that it is for the better her suffering is over, So Mom wants to go but she asked me to go with her so of course I am I was planning on going anyhow but this way she will feel better about it..

Ok getting late I am off to bed I have a safety committee meeting tomorrow I guess there was an injury in Warren today nothing real bad just someone hurt their knee I will be getting details tomorrow..

Enjoy Life