Always Something

Yesterday i began to feel better my different meds were helping, Mom called and asked if I felt good enough to go pick up a couple end tables and coffee tables from her friends house that she bought for my daughter Kelly so i thought it may help to get out so I said Ok we went and took my old truck and loaded them up and took them to Kelly s house, I stopped and checked the mail and there was a book I had ordered and my new soap. So Mom wanted to make me some chicken noodle soup so I was all about that, an hour later she called and was crying and could not understand her so i rushed over and here My Aunt Gerry, (Mom’s Sister) was found unconscious half in bed and half out by my cousin Becky, they rushed her to the hospital and she is on a respirator and in a comma they don’t know what happened she was on a lot of medications as she had a hip replaced several months ago and never followed through with therapy she just laid in bed all day except to eat she gained a ton of weight so it is had to tell what exactly was the cause, so we went to the hospital to stay with her for a while for 3 hours she never responded there is no brain activity so I think they are planning on taking her off the respirator today if there is no improvement…so sad, I was not very close with Aunt Gerry I saw her maybe once per year and the last time I saw her it was obvious she was going downhill, another reason to quit smoking as she was a chain smoker don’t know if that had anything to do with it but you can bet it did not do her any good, we are just waiting now we said our good byes to her last night, Mom is taking it very hard..

Enjoy Life