Another rough day

Today Mom called me at work and told me they turned off the respirator and Aunt Gerry quietly passed away the doctor had told them that if she had continued to breath on her own that she would remained in a comma as she has been basically brain dead so it is had to say but it was for the better I could tell Mom was quit upset but I was at work so nothing I could do, after work I stopped and told her out for dinner to Monroe Hotel, her favorite place she had lasagna, her favorite,I had a meatball dinner it was great had to bring most of it home, so we talked for quite a while about Aunt Gerry and she began to feel better not much else I could do, The funeral is Saturday I hope I can get off work we run a skeleton crew on the weekends and there is already one machinist off on vacation so I hope I can get the day I will come up with something.

I never thought it would happen but I am more able to control my cravings for the evil cigarettes i still am not going to get over confident though I heard of many people who quit for months and go back to smoking I don’t want to do that I want to be a non smoker, several people at work told me they never thought they would see me quit i loved my cigarettes and smoked a lot, 2 other people at work bought the patch and tried it but could not even go 1 day they asked me how I did it and i said i guess i just smoked enough and it was my time I am tired of it I don’t know how i just don’t want to do it anymore I guess it just happens when it is time, wish i could help them but it is a personal decision it is just something I need to do..

Work is also looking better I saw several loads of logs in the yard this is good the lumber mill is picking up we haul logs in and haul out the finished lumber more the better just hope it continues am looking forward to a little overtime

Enjoy Life