Easter Sunday

I ended up getting Saturday off for the funeral my friend at work traded days with me so I have to work Monday the 20th for him it helped as I did not need to use one of my last 2 personal days, the funeral was very nice as nice as a funeral can be we all went and had a nice dinner after I have seen family members I have not seen for a long long time and may never see again so we all spent a lot of time catching up, after we came home I went to Mom’s and cut the ham and helped her make the deviled eggs but that was all she was tired so we said the heck with the rest it cal all be finished up in the morning so she just wanted to take an Advil and lay down she had a pretty stressful day but held up well

I worked today Easter Sunday the railroad does not shut down for Holidays freight still needs moved everyday I did not mind too much I am thankful for such a good job I finished up about 3:15 so left and came home both girls were still at Mom’s waiting for me they both bought me beautiful flowers as they always do they are so thoughtful and good to me, we ate so much food I am stuffed and brought home so many leftovers, Now I just am ready for bed…

Today is day 27 without the evil cigarettes WOW I am making it

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment to be fitted for my permanent dentures I can’t believe it has been 6 months since I had my teeth pulled now that is has all healed up I am really glad I had it done I feel a lot better….

Enjoy Life