Better Weather

It is about time we got some better weather today it was 60 something i liked that even though I worked inside it was still nice to open the doors and have a breeze going through the shop. tomorrow and the weekend is looking like 70s that is bike weather I have her on the battery charger right now. Mom is doing much better she still misses Aunt Gerry but it is all getting better I guess time will do that..

Today is day 31 what a struggle I have stepped down to the 14 mg patch and I really notice a difference, I guy came in to work on second shift and laid his cigarettes right in front of me, no intentional I don’t think he even knows I quit, but as much as I wanted to take one I did not.

I work next Monday to make up for having last Saturday off and then I found out I am going for DuPont safety training Tuesday and Wednesday, it is just down in Pittsburgh at the Airport Marriott, the funny thing is they actually reserved me a room there for Monday and Tuesday night I live about an hour away from the Marriott but if they are paying then far be it from be to pass on it, so we are going down after work Monday, I am riding down with a co worker who is also going, i guess it is better as classes begin at 7:30 AM and with rush hour traffic it is best i will be there is just seems funny staying at a motel so close to my home..

Enjoy Life,