Gaining weight

I guess all I have read about weight gain when stopping smoking is correct I lost a lot of weight after I had my teeth pulled and got my dentures mainly because I had to learn how to eat all over again and wait for my gums to heal so that must be done because I am eating normal again I was down to 174 and felt good as I was 210 so now since I gave up the evil cigarettes i have gained 8 pounds but not really eating all that much more I guess it has something to do with metabolism or something but anyhow I hope I don’t gain back up to 210 I will have to seriously watch my weight….

Today at work we had out cookout for 500 accident free days we had burgers and hot dogs and cheesy potatoes and corn off the cob and a big cake it was all really good I am on the safety team so somehow I got stuck flipping burgers but I did not mind at least that way i got to talk to everybody and I did not get any complaints, I had one cheese burger and a Hot Dog and some potatoes it was a good time…….

Enjoy Life