I am leaving for 3 days sort of I am going to work in the AM and leaving for the safety training directly after work, I thought I had better pack a few things I will need and I had to laugh at myself I guess maybe it is my age or something but I sure do need a lot of stuff just for 3 days I think I am done now I should be able to manage..

My Granddaughter, Samantha is home from Disney World, we are were a nervous wreck about her going down for a school trip she is 15 I am sure she is capable and she did have a good time but still I worried the entire time..

It cooled down some today and is wanting to rain I am out of cut and split wood and was too lazy to prepare some so I will just stay bundled up, Mom went to a spaghetti dinner and brought me take out so Lunch is covered for work tomorrow.

Enjoy Life,