Day 38

I got home from my safety training yesterday at around 4:30 it was good training it was sponsored by DuPont and they seem to know what they are talking about pertaining to safety, anyhow I did learn a lot and am glad I had the chance to go, and we ate really good Tuesday night a great steak it was really good..

yesterday was Earth day but today we did our Earth day thing at work because Myself and the 2 other co workers who went with me are on the safety team and we organize things like the Earth day activity’s, anyhow we worked all day outside to clean and put down new mats between the rails it was all good and we were treated with Pizza for lunch it was great to see everybody pitching in.

I am still resisting the urge to Smoke I had some troubles when they decided to take breaks at the training sessions I usually went outside to smoke so I actually did not know what to do during break so I just hung outside but did not smoke I have so many days into it I don’t want to have to start over I think I am seeing improvements in my breathing and health in general so that also motivates me, Oh I forgot to change my Patch Wednesday Morning and I really felt the difference when I came home I hope it gets better by the time I am done with the patches, I changed my dentist appointment to Next Monday at Noon for my wax impressions they 8 days till I get my permanent dentures i can’t wait hard to believe it has been 6 months since I had my teeth pulled, and can you believe it no tooth Fairy LOL

Enjoy Life