Summer Like day

It has been a long 2 weeks but at last it is over and I get three whole days off I have been looking so forward to this. today was a good day at work not a lot going on which is good and bad good as a somewhat easy day and bad as that means things are getting slower, but I am not going to get myself worked up over it just keep plugging away and hope for the bast..

Now the Smoking, today is day 41 yesterday i fogot my patch and was just so cranky and bitchy have way through the day it makes me wonder how it will be after I go off the patch, I have 2 more days then step down to the last 2 weeks on the 7mg patches that should be fun..

It was 84 outside today just beautiful have been waiting all winter for this great weather my grass is growing nicely and I am not going to go take the Harley out for a little ride. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow for my final fitting before they make my permanent dentures how they fit better than the ones I have now, will find out in 8 days can’t wait..

Enjoy Life