Nice Ride

Last night i went to start my bike and of course dead battery totally my fault for not taking it out and keeping it inside and charged so i put the battery charger on it but to no avail it was junk, so no ride last night.. this morning I went to my dentist appointment I don’t like that but had no choice, I want my permanent dentures so I can get back to eating normal again, anyhow I saw am old co worker well not old he is 51 and here about a week ago he had a heart attack Damn he is 51 and I am 55 did a little math and am thinking I should go get a physical and get the old ticker checked out, maybe tomorrow.. I stopped at battery warehouse and bought a battery for my Hog, $92.00 Yikes, better take care of this one, brought it home and after a quick installation was back in the breeze after a long cold winter, Life is good, did not realize how much I missed riding, It felt great

Enjoy Life Tim