Work related

Work for me on the weekends I guess it Ok I am not going to complain I have a good job and decent pay, so I have to work weekends no big deal I have Mondays and Tuesdays off. Today was a good day it was warm and not a whole lot of work to do just enough to keep busy and so far tomorrow looks good also. During the week I have an issue with a co worker he was the safety director until he was off work sick and I was asked to take the job it only pays .50 per hour more but I enjoy the extra responsability so after he came back from sick leave he wanted the safety director job back but his first week back he wrecked the brand new service truck so he was then on probation for 6 months so he is not allowed as safety director actually I think it is because I do a better job but anyhow he gives me a lot of shit during the day because he wants the job back, and between me and my diary he is not going to get it back

Ok back to or to continue the quitting smoking saga still holding out have not lit up yet and it seems I still have the triggers and cravings but they are getting easier to dismiss so as of day 47 it is all good but i do see how easy it would be to fall right back into my old habit.

My sink is again full of dishes I don’t get it, but my lunch is ready and all I need is my shower and off to bed well after "Without a Trace"

Enjoy Life,


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