Had to scratch the mowing job due to rain Oh well maybe tomorrow the weather says no rain and 66 degrees so I will give it a shot then, I have 3 bird nests up in my porch, Mom thinks I should have torn them down but you know birds need a place to live also and I checked today and it is too late maybe after they hatch cause they are not hurting anything right now except for mama birds get a little upset when Bertha or myself are on the porch

Ok since mowing is out of the question I do need to go to Sam’s club and maybe Chili’s for lunch but am still enjoying my day off, Oh I did get a call from work seems the fuel count was off over the weekend by over 700 gallons I said it was not me I wrote up all my fuel Oh but then I did remember that I forgot one so I called back and that was the missing fuel, LOL Nobody is perfect I guess..

Enjoy Life