back to work today

Today is my Monday it went good except i did not really want to get up this morning usually I wake up at 5:00 AM but I hit snooze a couple times so I was scrambling to get out the door at 6:15 I begin work at 7:00 and live 15 minutes away but I like to get  there early and get changed so I have time to relax a bit before line up.

Yesterday i finished up installing mom’s awning over her deck my brother started the job on Saturday but messed it up and was too busy to finish it Sunday so I went over to look at it and Mom was pretty upset as she wanted it finished so I went about installing it I did not want to do the job so I was glad Bill volunteered to do it but as always I had to finish it up, it looks great and she loves it..
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Rain in the forecast tonight I hope it quits for tomorrow as it is our Steak cookout at work for 18 months accident free and since I am on the safety team I imagine I will be cooking the steaks as i cooked the burgers and hotdogs last time and did not have any complaints.

Enjoy Life