Cook Out

We get rewarded for being safe at work, I have never worked at a place where they spent so much on safety but it is a good thing and we have quiet the safety policy in place, anyhow every 100 days without an reportable injury we get a cookout usually burgers and Hotdogs with a couple sides catered it is always a lot of fun, today we celebrated 18 months without a reportable injury with steak on the grill it was sooo good and on top of the steak plus sides we got one personal day off with pay that is the part I really liked it was an all around a good day and all just for not getting hurt.

[album 78237 cooking.jpg]

I was pleased it warmed up today it looked a little like rain but cleared up and got sunny and warm a prefect spring day. I could almost see the grass growing this weekend looks Ok some rain in the forecast but mostly sunny and around 60 degrees

Enjoy Life