My Friday

Happy Mothers Day
My week is finally over it seems like it has been a long week but it is done I had a lot of issues to deal with not worth going into details but just I guess work is work not going to complain. After work I stopped at Mom’s the girls were still there waiting for me to have dinner with them it was a nice visit and I got a tomato plant from Crista and a hanging basket from Kel I think it is called Million Bells it is very pretty I just hope I don’t kill it..

I can’t believe how cold it is going to be tonight right now it is in the low 50s and going down to the 30s tonight  I might have to build a fire tonight I scratched up some wood a couple days ago and I have enough to keep a little warm anyhow but it will get better and summer will come back.

Going to dentist tomorrow I get my permanent dentures I sure do hope they fit better than the ones I have to use now  they say they will be much better after I get used to them I will find out tomorrow.Today is day 55 as a non smoker only one patch left and then I am on my own I think I will be Ok I forgot the patch a couple times and make it without smoking so here is to keep on keeping on, I will struggle away untill I beat it I have too much suffering under my belt to give it up and go back to smoking..

Enjoy Life