I forgot Monday was my dentist appointment for my permanent dentures well that did not work out so well they did not fit no way were they going to work out the dentist came in and tried and ground away and tried finally he said these are all wrong they will not fit the bite is all wrong, he apologized and said they will have to start all over so they took my temps and made a new impression and now they will be ready for a wax try in next Monday and the following Monday we will be trying again I can’t wait till this shit is all over

Enjoy Life


Computer issues

I don’t really know that much about computers as far as having problems I usually just went and bought a new one but this present computer I am using is about 3 1/2 years old and is using Windows XP which I like so I was not sure last night what to do I kept getting a pop up window telling me my computer was being attacked and I needed to buy this security program that would pop up on the next window I kept saying no till I just kept up and began to get on my nerves so i decided to reboot my computer to try to get rid of it and that is when the trouble began as soon as my icons began to show up on my screen it froze up and that was all I could make it do this went on for a couple hours as I kept trying to restart my computer, there was a lot of things on my computer I did not want to lose but I dug out my restore disks but before I used them I saw where F 10 button ws also for restore during start up so I figured I had nothing to lose so I hit it and sure enought my computer restored itself and I still had all my stuff on it all I need to do was reinstall my printer and web cam and now it is working great Huh go figure…

Today I put up a couple new lights for Mom on her deck and just came in from mowing I was going to break out the weed eater but just don’t feel like it maybe I will save that job for tomorrow, I am going to grab a coffee and watch some news, Oh first day without the patch I have not noticed and difference so I guess the patch works   I will be Ok without them..

Enjoy Life,