Another work day

My boss is trying to turn a powerpoint presentation into a dvd program to run on the TV with my voice on it explaining each slide, yesterday I did the voice recording but I guess he is having trouble getting it to work I spent almost all day yesterday with him trying to work it out but today i just went to the shop, and he said at the end of the day he still could not get it worked out, I said Ok just let me run the slide show and I will explain each slide as it comes , it is about universal waste I researched this and now understand a lot more about it at least enough so I know what I am talking about, he told me wait and see if he can fix it, but now I need to wait till next Wednesday when everybody is there any other day people have days off during the week.……

The wether is looking better it still wants to rain but it is warming up I don’t think I will be needing to worry about my wood burner at least I better no, my gas bill was only $34.00 I just paid it today that is managable am glad the furnace no longer runs I went ahead and turned it off for the summer.

It is a shame about Chrysler shutting down almost 800 new cr dealers so sad for people losing their jobs, the railroad is slowing down but so far no talk about layoffs fingers and toes crossed I am just too old to be job hunting again

Enjoy Life