Another Week over

On Saturday I got a call from a co worker on the company cell telling to to have Larry, my co worker on Saturdays to call Jackie, His Wife, as she was trying to get ahold of him so he called her I was worried as I thought something happened to one of his kids, so he came back over to the shop and said his dog died well I was relieved that it was not one of his kids I said Oh bummer, he said no you don’t understand I have to go home, I said come on seriously ?? this is when I had to start to feel bad they have a little dog don’t know what kind just a little ankle bitter anyhow Jackie was leaving the house with the kids and she did not see the dog get out of the house and when she closed the car door the dogs head was in it I said Oh I see go ahead and take care of Jackie as I am sure she was really upset and she was I guess I was a little insensitive till I knew what happened I just called him and it is all OK but she still does feel bad about killing her little dog..

A shift that I want is coming up for bid soon, there is a helper on it right now and now he has his lessons done now so  he will become a machinist and his job will have to be put up for bid, Tuesday through Saturday with Sunday and Monday as rest days better than what i have right now which is Wednesday through Sunday with Monday and Tuesday as rest days, I have the seniority to take it so I am looking forward to having at least Sundays off, but again I am thank full to have a good job as the way things are going in the economy these days, it is just a nice bonus that i am getting a better shift.

It was nice and cool out today in the mid 50s so it was a good day for working outside the day went fast and we got a lot done I am happy with my day, it is cooling off some and they are calling for frost warnings tonight so maybe I had better bring in my plants..

Enjoy Life,

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