Day off and dentist visit

OK dentist went OK they had a set made with what I think was wax made from the impressions of my temps and they seem to fit OK and that is all i had to do was try them the dentist was actually there i guess because they screwed up my last ones he said they are much better so I go back June 1st for my hopefully will be my permanent set and last trip there but I have a feeling it is far from over.

I am going to do some much needed mowing today my front yard is Ok it usually does now grow mush as you can see i have hugh trees and lots of shade so I usually do not have grass on my front yatd but the back and Mom’s grows like crazy and since It is nice out might as well get it done.

Bertha is stone deaf can’t hear a thing poor old girl but check out the ears LOL she was acting like a good faithfull guard dog and listening for  something, I think it was just a show she is so funny sometimes, Ok going to gather her up and jump on the tractor and get to work.

Enjoy Life


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