My bid is in

Today when I showed up at work the machinist job that I want was posted and there already was a bid put in on it but I have the seniority so I will get it, the bidding will close next Tuesday night so Wednesday I will be awarded the position and then no more working Sundays for me which will be great I never did like working Sundays but had no choice except for going to afternoon shift and i sure did not want to do that so Sunday and Mondays off for me, the helper who has the job right now is not very happy as he will be stuck with my old shift working the weekend with Mondays and Tuesday off but sorry for his luck seniority rules..

The baby birds have hatched I try to stay away as much as I can as now Mom bird gets pretty upset when I am near she was really pissed at me for taking this picture.

It is 80 degrees out today just beautiful I took my big plants outside so now I will be getting my bedroom back they did not grow all that much during the winter but they sure do grow like crazy during summer outside I already got my lunch made for tomorrow so I am going to go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather and clean and wax my bike.

Enjoy Life


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