So Forgetful

I knew when I finally got up this morning that I needed to go to the dollar store so after I got myself together I went and just picked up a few things I knew I needed so after getting home and doing dome odds and ends I was going to put my lunch together for work tomorrow and decided to go ahead and do up my dishes , that is when I remembered why I needed to go to the dollar store, Yes I was out of dish soap, LOL I had just enough left to squeeze out of the bottle but I am still out of dish soap I guess I need to begin to write things down….

Tomorrow I should be awarded my new shift although I have a feeling I will be working Sunday again to cover Larry while he is on vacation but that is fine. I was going to go to the movies today I want to see the new Star Trek movie and also Terminator but it is getting late now maybe tomorrow..

Right now I am going to watch some TV and maybe get to bed early for work tomorrow..

Enjoy Life,


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