End of my week

I have one more Sunday to work then I should have Sundays off but I just realized they have not posted my job for bid nor have they posted that i won the bud, Huh that makes me wonder, but just between me and my diary I don’t mind working weekends Mondays and Tuesdays are pretty nice days to have off I am going to ask on Wednesday what is going on. Mom’s birthday is tomorrow I already got her a battery powered weed eater she loves it that is exactly what she wanted, plus tomorrow I will take her out to eat ,Well maybe because tomorrow is my dentist appointment I may not feel like eating after that I guess I will see tomorrow..

I drove my old truck to work today I have the roll that Mom’s awning came in it was huge and I cut it up into little pieces with my new battery powered circular saw and since they have a big dumpster at work I figured that was the best way to get rid of it.

Work was good today pretty slow it is good that we can sort of take it easy but not so good as the slow down has me concerned, also they built a new office / breakroom and they finally got the cameras up and running so since they added an extra camera, they say the cameras are for catching people stealing stuff from out of the rail cars sitting there, mostly scrap, However I have seen them used against employees who do bad things so I try to at least appear to be real busy during my shift.

Enjoy Life,