Nora Roberts

I have never been a fan of Nora Roberts books I always thought they were girlie love story’s. The last book I read was " The Street Lawyer" by John Grisham, he kept me occupied on a couple flights to and from Mexico but with that book done i have not read another since then so at the suggestion of a friend I bought the first in the "Sign of Seven Trilogy"  Blood Brothers is the first, (Ebay $1.00) so far it is really a good book she said i would enjoy it so now I have my next 3 books to read, am feeling much better now enjoying my book and quiet time, Oh I have a little tomato on my plant   

Enjoy Life,


Feeling better

Today is a droopy day out I heard it raining and thundering last night and it is looking like it wants to rain again, I am feeling a little bit better today I think the meds are helping my throat is still a little sore but getting better I am just keeping using the cough drops they are helping a lot but I can see a nap happening today sometime.

My new permanent dentures feel better today I think they are going to be Ok and I should not need to go back to the dentist office for a while, I just have some much needed laundry to get finished up and of course there is a sink full of dishes so other that that i am going to be lazy on my last day off..

Enjoy Life