Safety Day

OK it is Thursday, today as the first Thursday of the month is the safety committee meeting which I am a member oh they now call it safety improvement team, anyhow we meet and discuss safety issues, complaints and accidents and human factor incidents, we were done with the meeting at 11:00 so we had some good quality time to get some work done the big issue today was landscaping around the new building, I had other things I wanted to take care of like marking clearance points near switches and putting the railing up on the elevated rail so I chose to leave the landscaping to the others and went off myself and do what i needed to get done, by 3:30 I did have a couple helpers and we got most all I wanted to get done finished but when I went to change I did not see any landscaping done LOL maybe next time for them…

I sure am glad I have spell check, Oh my sickness is all but gone Oh I still have a little bit of a cough but that is pretty much it, I was hoping it would just work itself out and it did. I got one nasty sore spot on my upper dentures when I put them in but it goes away avter a few minutes it is continure I will have to make an appointment to have an adjustment made. I spoke to my boss again about the shift change and he assured me i got it but still want to see something it writing and if he is correct this will be my last Sunday I need to work, which works out well for the 4th of July falls on Saturday giving me a nice 3 day weekend which I shall try to extend with a personal day to a 4 day weekend if they will let me

Enjoy Life