Good day off

My bid was finally posted I am now working Tuesday through Saturday with rest days Sunday and Mondays, I think I am going to enjoy having Sundays off after over a year of working Sundays, the younger machinist is not very happy about now having to work Saturdays and Sundays but that is just how seniority works….

Today was a good day to have off i did Mom’s mowing and then was reading my book on the porch when she came over and asked if I wanted to go to the store with her I did not need anything but figured I would go as she needed gas so after fueling up we went and did the shopping she needed at Giant Eagle then to Kings for lunch/dinner and then we went to visit Dad’s grave to do some cleaning and put up fresh flowers, and that was pretty much my day I finished up my mowing and parked my old truck in front of the garage because i am going to begin that nasty oil pan gasket replacement job…

Enjoy Life