Parade night

Last night I went to a friends house for a night watching the Saxonburg fireman’s parade, it was fun we were there last year also, my friends father, owns the house right on main street and the parade goes right past their front yard it was a lot of fun, I got home around  9:30 and finally to bed at 10:30 so I was pretty tired today at work. .Christopher and Kristen, my friends who hosted the party just had a baby her name is Abigail, she is so cute and she actually seems to enjoy the parade but the night ended early for them it seems funny they were always the last to leave and now they need to finish early but it is all good they are growing up
Tomorrow is finally my Friday this will be good for me working the new shift, I need to train my co worker to take the responsibility of the weekends I think it  easy but I guess I can see how he is overwhelmed but he will be fine I know he will do Ok.

When I got home from work Mom called and told me she made me a big pork roast and sauerkraut and mashed potatoes it was delish and I have plenty for work tomorrow LOL she is making me fat but she loves to cook so I feel obligated to eat.

Last night Bertha woke me up at midnight to go outside I was so pissed I left her out all night but i think she did it because I left her out before I left for the parade but it was raining so she did not want to get wet so she did not go do her business so we are going to have big trouble if she wakes me up again tonight..

Enjoy Life