Uneventfull Day

I woke up in plenty of time to get ready for work, again I am being tortured with a sore throat can’t understand that will have to see how it feels in the morning maybe will need a trip to the band aid center.

Things were slow at work, I worked on the forklift with a co worker and we also steamed cleaned the floor and catching up on some much need maintenance on some older engines. am that is pretty much how my day went I made arraignments and got the videos for my safety meeting tomorrow at 2:30 for the 2 shifts then just came home and finished up a load of laundry, it is still in the dryer, and made my lunch and talked to Lucy on Skype for an hour and now am done am going to feed Bertha take my shower and a couple Advil’s, and off to bed….

Enjoy Life

Tim                               I Love my Spell Check