New cell phone

OK I made the decision I got a blackberry curve really cool phone and since I am saving a ton not buying cigarettes well I went ahead and got the Internet service through Verizon it will cost me about an additional $30.00 per month but there is the cool thing I can plug my Blackberry into my desktop and laptop computer and use that for my Internet that will be another $30.00 per month but my DSL and home phone right now costs me $83.00 sooo if I drop the Internet and just keep my home phone then with that around $20.00 plus my Internet at $30.00 and my Blackberry at an additional $30.00 I come out even and my and my Blackberry Internet will end up costing me no more than I was paying before and it works I am using it right now on my laptop so tomorrow I will try it on my desktop computer and if it works this good then I will use this and cancel my DSL which to me perfectly honest has been disappointing me with the bad and sometimes no Internet connection so I will just unplug that for a couple weeks and see how this works out for me, but so far I am really enjoying my new toy

Enjoy Life