Back to Work

My work week has begun I found out today that the normal daylight shift (Monday through Friday) get Friday off for the Forth of July, Now we (weekend Crew) will work Friday but we will work 9:00 till 5:30 so we will be there to cover getting the North bound Loco’s serviced and then we will have Saturday, Sunday, and Monday so we get a nice long weekend the crew that works Sunday will just have their normal Friday and Saturday off but they will just receive an additional days pay…

Then new Blackberry is working out Ok I am slowly learning what it takes to make it work it is easy after I figure things out I am glad I got it.

We had a lot of rain today but now that I am off it is not raining but I just heard thunder so I had better hurry and post this before I lose my internet connection,there was something else but I can’t remember for the life of me what it was, my book is really getting good I am almost done with the second book in the series

Enjoy Life,



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