Don’t trim trees around the power Line

I Did not………….However I had every intention of getting all the trees trimmed from around the power lines, they are sort of low hanging and I have been noticing that the tree limbs are growing all through and around them, so I had the bright idea to get up there and trim all the branches from around them, so I got out my Loopers and my 6 foot Aluminum ladder, I could reach them with that but the ladder had to set on an incline and before I did that stupid thing I remembered a safety video i saw somewhere where some idiot got up on an aluminum ladder around power lines hit one and was electrocuted and died, I put the ladder and loopers away and decided to rethink the project like call the electric company and let them do it…

I went to Battery Warehouse and got a new battery for my Quad it needed charged for 14 hours on 2 Amps so that is being done right now, I also asked Mom if she wanted to go along and stop and have lunch and she said of course so we took a trip through Butler traffic is horrable up there due to some bridge constriction but we got the battery and then i took her to Red lobster it was delishous and not bad price $35.00 for 2 I thought that was reasonable..

Work tomorrow so am going to figure out my lunch and watch the news, Oh i finighed my third and final book in this trilogy it was good but that leaves me in search for new reading material..

Enjoy Life,