In the Woods

After i watched some local news and did 1 load of laundry I decided that since I just bought that new battery for the quad maybe I should use it, I have about 2 acres of woods that is really grown up  I have not been up there for a long time so that is where I took the quad it was pretty cool once i got in there it is so grown up that I could not even see my house so I just had a blast for about an hour making some paths and just enjoying being tucked away from the world, or so it seemed from inside, I had a good time and the quad ran really good. I am going to have to spend more time there then after I explore all that is mine I am going to venture farther into the woods there is about 10 more acres connected to mine that belongs to the local park and it is also really grown up and not developed so I am thinking if I don’t cause any damage and don’t make too much noise I can have some more private riding in there, I will get some pictures tomorrow that is if the rain holds off…

Enjoy Life,


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