Busy Day

I had every intention of taking the day off and enjoying my first day off but while I was having my morning coffee outside on the porch I decided maybe I might split some wood, my neighbor gave me 2 trees that she had cut down one is pine, I can’t burn that one inside but the other I believe is oak and that is Ok so I pulled out the splitter and started I got maybe about half done and it got pretty hot out so I decided that was enough I have plenty of time to be getting that done.


I mowed today  I figured I could get that out of the way as I was busy all day anyhow so I got that job out of the way, I needed gas so i took my old truck down to the gas station as the bed is open on that one so with that done I went back to do some splitting and now am done for the day I like the smell of freshly split wood I got a good bit from that tree but I know I will still be buying more I won’t worry about that till after vacation that will be toward the end of September. Below is what I have left to split..


Enjoy Life,