Cook Out

Today we had another safety cook out, this time only burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and pasta salad it all went good the, Eric the oldest member of the committee and the more or less leader was on vacation so he dumped all the work of the picnic on me, so much work I need to remember this and help him more on safety lunches, I had to go get 75 hamburger Patty’s, and buns, then 50 hot dogs and buns, pick up the potato salad and pasta 10 lbs of each I think, then plates, plastic ware, soda, potato chips, condiments, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce, 60 Klondikes watermelon, charcoal and lighter. then I had to put it all together drag out the grill and light up the charcoal after the coals were nice and hot then more people came to help with the good stuff it all went good but sure as hell after it was all over I found myself alone, but then another member, Paul came and helped me clean up but on the bright side we all got a tshirt, oh and I did get compliments from all except for the 2 guys who hate me but you will have them guys anywhere all in all it was a good day a lot of work bit it all worked out good..

Right now I am ready to turn on the AC it is storming outside and of course my internet is out I am using my internet access through my Blackberry it works well. it is so humid right now the ceiling fans are not helping so I am going to click on the AC I just have a window unit in my kitchen but it works pretty well for my small house. was planning on the new furnace and central air but just had to buy that new truck there went my furnace money but maybe as soon as overtime starts again maybe I can get it then.

All the wood I split is stacked it ended up being exactly 1/2 cord so I figure I still have another 1/2 cord out there to split and stack before I begin to buy the rest of my winter supply. Going to get at my stack of dishes..

Enjoy Life,


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