Busy 3 weeks

Lucy was up from Mexico for 3 weeks we had a great visit as fast as it went I just took her back to the airport this morning. the most important thing for her was she wanted to see Niagara falls and since Mexican citizens need a Visa to get into Canada that side was out so we went and spent 1 1/2 days on the new york side it was a lot Of fun and we had a great time..


After that she decided i needed a birthday party as my birthday was August 1st so that was the following Sunday it turned out really great despite the rain it did finally clear out and we had a great time we had ribs, burgers, hot doge and chicken, macaroni salad and rigatoni and of course cake and ice cream my daughter Crista has a birthday August 5th so we also celebrated her birthday..

My birthday gift,new Jacket, was not ready for me so Lucy decided she would paint the inside of my house as part of my gift and it did really need it, Mom helped and it turned out great all in all we had a great visit but now the loneliness sets in but I know i will adjust to that also so maybe after I hear from her and know she is home safe I might split some wood, Hum it is supposed to me 90 degrees so maybe now I will see at least I don’t need to clean my house..

Enjoy Life


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