More Pics

We have another fairly warm day today i am not going to complain because there are people in the triple digits and I am sure even though it is super humid here it is much hotter elsewhere I thought I would post a couple more pictures of the falls that is such a good time up there spent a lot more cash that  I wanted to but what the heck it is vacation and it is looking like we may be getting a bit more overtime at work or at least I am hoping for it..

I finished up the trim around the bathroom door it was tough it took a year and one hour LOL but it is done and just needs painted I have a lot of trouble with the angles but once I figure out the miter box then I usually get it right but the top piece I measured 3 times and needd it 28 inches so once the pieces were up then I needed 28 1/4 doesn’t that figure fortunatly I had enough that i could cut another piece out and it fit pretty good..


Enjoy Life,