Harsh day

Today was not a very pleasant day I woke up with a terrible pain in my neck when i turned my head to the right It really hurt I tossed around the idea of calling off work but decided against it as I have only 2 personal days left and I just figured I slept wrong and pulled a muscle but let me tell you it did not get any better i keep Advil in my lunch box but there was only 2 left in the bottle don’t have any idea what happened to them, anyhow I took them 2 but did not help every time I turned my head to the right the pain was almost unbearable but I toughed it out and finally made it through the day. After work I had to go to Giant eagle for lunch supplies and I bought some Aleve I took 2 of them even before I paid for them LOL and then I got a deal for a couple lunches they had an 8 piece of chicken, 1 lb of macaroni and cheese and a 2 liter coke product for $8.50, So I bought that and split it up for lunch for 2 days I don’t drink soda so I will just take that to work and it will get drank there I also bought cherry tomatoes and cucumbers  I like to cut the cucumbers and put them with the tomatoes in a Tupperware container with Balsamic Vinegar quite tasty. and lastly I just made some hard boiled eggs for 9:00 break. after all that my neck feels a bit better still hurts but better I am about to take a long hot shower (after my last load of laundry) and take 2 more Aleve and go to bed and home it feels better tomorrow

Enjoy Life,


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